.going against everything you’ve ever known

hey beautiful,

lately, the need to do our own thing, to think outside of the outside of the box, to carve out our own path instead of taking any that were travelled before has been in the air heavy.

for some reason, the normal doesn’t fit anymore. it’s almost as if we’ve outgrown it without any desire to ever squeeze into it again. we lost something that were more than okay with losing + because of that, we gained more than we ever had. we have more than we ever imagined we were capable of having. how beautiful is that?

sometimes, stepping out of line and going somewhere else is the best thing to do. even if you’ve been waiting there for the longest and you can finally see the front.

sometimes building your own thing from scratch is better than the finished product that everyone has been raving about for the past 20 years.

+ sometimes no one is going to believe in what you’re dreaming of + that’s more than okay. that’s the exact time where you increase your focus + drive yourself to the finish line with the least amount of stops possible. the time that you show up for yourself + go in on everything that you love.

the time to believe in yourself + block out any outside opinions + oppositions. cause at this point it isn’t about anyone else. it isn’t about proving everyone else wrong, but proving yourself right. proving that you can do anything you put your mind to. because you can.

you can do everything you want to do if you just believe it. i know we used to hear that a lot growing up, but it’s true. now is not the time to forget this, especially now that you desire a certain way of living. you can have it. you can have it all.

i love you

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