hey beautiful.

in order to reach your highest potential you have to stop fighting yourself. there’s an internal battle going on that you need to bring to an end. you can try to ignore it as much as you want but you know the pain is there, you know there’s so much going on that you’re simply pretending isn’t. you can not turn your head when a problem shows it’s face and think it’s gonna go away. it’s still there, probably causing more damage + chaos than if you would’ve just faced it when you first saw it.

you’ve been allowing these challenges to wreak havoc in your establishment + you clean up after them every night while they sleep peacefully just to wake up the next day to do it all over again. it’s time for that to stop… forreal. i know you’re exhausted so let’s set some rules in place. let’s figure out our boundaries + expectations for ourselves, call a meeting + have a discussion. there has to be some kind of order in place.

Me having a meeting with myself to get my life together

it’s been the most peaceful yet destructive war in herstory and it is time to bring it to an end. no more fighting, let’s make amends and be best friends. we have to be in harmony with ourselves in order to have peace of mind + live life to the fullest potential.

i love you

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daily reflexxion 07.28.21

hey beautiful,

it is the time to realize all of your internal has been affecting your external. your body may have been sending you signs of stress + dis-ease because of this. when you allow all of this discomfort to reside inside, your body will start to respond in a negative way. this is it’s way of telling you something is wrong. it is trying to push it all out + until you decide to find mental + emotional peace, your body will continue to reflect the current state you’re in. do yourself some justice + figure out what’s really going on with your feelings. you may find astounding results.

i love you