.shake a leg

hey beautiful,

the jig is up. no more charades, mediocre magic tricks, or cliffhangers. no more pretending you are someone you’re not. you can no longer try to function this way + i’m glad you realize that now. it’s time to take your talents that have created your current reality + give them a new task. the task of…

✨creating your dream life✨

lowkey, they already started working on it on the side but, with it being the main focus, there is so much more that can get done. when you’re able to give something your undivided attention, the execution is bound to be pristine. minimize the multitasking + things will get done more efficiently. i need you to realize how big of a mural you’re painting. yes, you’re working on a small portion of it right now but you have to zoom out occasionally so you can remember what the bigger picture looks like.

remember, it’s more than okay to rest. you’re going to have to be well rested to produce the life of quality that you are producing. chilling is not a crime, taking time to yourself does not make you lazy + you can sleep in sometimes. don’t beat yourself up for taking care of you and making sure you’re okay. if you ever feel like you need a “break” from life, you definitely need to rest. a break implies that something has to be broken and life is full of moments that should be enjoyed + cherished.

create the reality you never need a break from.

they literally fooled a lot of us. i’m thinking of all the negative sayings that we used to casually say about our lives. we should never want to escape from reality because reality should be bliss. you should be able to be in any given moment + want to be nowhere else in the world than exactly where you are. every second of every day should be a blast of fun and love.

this is your dream life. right here, right now. each + every moment of your life is leading you in the direction of where you want to go. you’re the magician + it’s time to learn how to really put on a show. you might wanna learn fast because it already started and you’re the only act there is.

shake a leg.

i love you

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hey beautiful.

in order to reach your highest potential you have to stop fighting yourself. there’s an internal battle going on that you need to bring to an end. you can try to ignore it as much as you want but you know the pain is there, you know there’s so much going on that you’re simply pretending isn’t. you can not turn your head when a problem shows it’s face and think it’s gonna go away. it’s still there, probably causing more damage + chaos than if you would’ve just faced it when you first saw it.

you’ve been allowing these challenges to wreak havoc in your establishment + you clean up after them every night while they sleep peacefully just to wake up the next day to do it all over again. it’s time for that to stop… forreal. i know you’re exhausted so let’s set some rules in place. let’s figure out our boundaries + expectations for ourselves, call a meeting + have a discussion. there has to be some kind of order in place.

Me having a meeting with myself to get my life together

it’s been the most peaceful yet destructive war in herstory and it is time to bring it to an end. no more fighting, let’s make amends and be best friends. we have to be in harmony with ourselves in order to have peace of mind + live life to the fullest potential.

i love you

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.the magic of believing: a review

after reading this book, all the things I’ve ever dreamed of began to manifest before my eyes. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to get exactly what i wanted out of life. to think, this information has been here this entire time + i had no idea blows my mind + i feel the need to share it with you.

a few months ago, i was wandering around goodwill + i found this book titled The Magic of Believing by Claude M. Bristol. a tiny, old, red book with an orange circle on the font, it was bound to catch my eye somehow… + i’m so glad it did. without even glancing inside to see what was in store, i took it home + added it to my collection of books i would soon read. 

fast forward to today, i’ve completed the book + decided that it will be the first book in a new series of reviews that I will do. i want to let you in on all the things i learned from reading it + who knows, maybe you’ll want to read it too. there’s a few things that i want to touch on so, let’s get started. 

what I expected to learn 

as i mentioned before, i didn’t look through this book before i decided to buy it but i did go through it before i started reading it. I read all of the chapter titles + i was intrigued. they were pretty straightforward and there were few questions i was left with. when i read the back of the book, i was left with even fewer questions. i knew exactly what would be shared in each chapter. 

this was the perfect summary of what i was about to read. i knew what i was going to learn + in what order i would learn it. the chapter that caught my attention the most was “The Mirror Technique for Releasing the Subconscious” because … what is the mirror technique? i’ve never heard those two words in a sentence together so i was interested. i knew i had to start reading this book right away. i was eager to learn about it + possibly try it out for myself.

key takeaways 

while reading The Magic of Believing, there were a few things that really stood out to me. these things will probably be carried with me throughout the rest of my life + i’m absolutely okay with that. 

the first thing on the list is: if you are chasing something it will continue to run away from you. this is simply because it is being chased… i never thought about it like this but it makes a lot of sense. Claude says, “the moment you let it go, it begins to sink… when suddenly there appears before your mind’s eyes a mental picture of your problem- completely solved” (p. 42).

this made me think back to the many times i heard someone looking for something say “as soon as i don’t need it anymore, watch it pop up”. i get it now. it was like they were playing hide-n-seek + as long as they were seeking, the item was going to continue to hide. the same thing goes when someone is running from a dog. the dog is going to chase them. 

this ideology also brings me to the belief of attracting the things you want in your life by allowing them to come to you. there’s this popular affirmation going around right now that goes “i don’t chase, i attract. what belongs to me will simply find me”. once you align yourself with whatever you want to attract, it will make its way to you. you’re never going to catch up with something you’re always chasing. 

the second key takeaway i got from this book was that your thoughts can be controlled in a way. the same way your thoughts can be controlled, you can have control over someone else’s. you can be convinced of something (either true or false) + believe it without ever questioning it. 

“the subtle force of the repeated suggestion overcomes our reason, acting directly on our emotions + our feelings” (Bristol, p. 52). if we are told something that is 100% fake but the only knowledge we have is what we were told, it would be easy for us to believe what we heard. we have no way of knowing it’s false so why would we even question it?

this takes me back to my childhood. remember when they used to say “don’t believe everything you hear?” it’s so easy to disregard that, especially as a child when you trust everyone who tells you anything new. there’s also the power of suggestion that Bristol mentions + it says if someone is constantly projecting thoughts to you, you will start to receive them + believe they are your own. 

there was so much i learned from this book but those are just a few that i thought i’d share with you. let’s move to the next topic. 

one tip that changed my life 

the thing that i was the most excited about is also the thing that had the most impact in my life. the mirror technique is now something I do every single day. the way that Bristol introduced this method was captivating in itself. it made me want to try it out immediately. 

not only was it’s presentation in the book captivating but so is doing it everytime i look in the mirror. my strength in believing anything is possible has skyrocketed. I am already seeing so many things coming into fruition for me. my entire life has changed off this one tip alone + this is the main reason why I am recommending this book to you. 

try out the mirror technique yourself + watch the changes that occur in your life. some of these things can happen immediately as you’re looking at yourself. i think that’s so cool + powerful. 

was It what I expected?

The Magic of Believing was exactly what i thought it would be. I will even go the distance to say it was more than i expected. I wasn’t sure what format this book was going to be in but i am pleased with the entirety of it. the execution of this title is pretty great. i don’t believe it’s a book that i will have to revisit many times because i took good notes + started using the techniques right away. bristol also promotes his other book T.N.T.— It Rocks the Earth + i will probably read it based on the turnout of this one. so be on the lookout for a discussion on that one some time in the future.

final thoughts

overall, i will rate this book a 3.5 out of 5. the information was very helpful, there is no doubt about it. my life has definitely improved after reading this. there was a small section that took me a minute to get through because it wasn’t that interesting to me so that’s why there is a dock in points. this section set me back reading for a good two or three weeks. The Magic of Believing is a great length + it has great examples + real life situations so I would recommend it to anyone who is doubting the things they can achieve in life. if you read this book, let me know what you think because i’d love to chat about it.

i love you. 

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