.be like elsa + let it go

hey, beautiful.

please continue to forgive yourself and let go of the past. continue to leave all of that behind. all of the trauma, negativity, pain, sadness, anything that major passed, not enjoyable. you have to let it go.

because when I say BAG LADY… + i was saying this for some time, but we really need to listen to the messages that i be talking about because this is real. but you being a bag lady is holding you back so much like, you keep revisiting the past in your head. like thinking of all the ways you’ve been hurt or all the ways you could have did something different or all the things you wish would have been or could have been like, let that go. you’re here right now.

so be here. be present. let it go. it’s not just as easy as “okay, bye” but you have to forgive yourself and know that you did the best that you could do.

okay? you know i gotta bring the cards out…

“we are all doing the best we can with the understanding, knowledge + awareness we have.”

anything that you feel like was a mistake…it wasn’t. that was the best you could do. that was the best you could offer yourself + other people too. other people around you who you feel like lacked or you feel like, did you wrong or didn’t do something the right way?

they did the best that they could do. they did what they knew to do, okay. + you really have to focus on forgiving yourself for that. because once you forgive yourself, you can remove yourself from that space of, “oh, i’m sad. oh, i’m so hurt from my past.” like you’re going to be hurt forever if you never let it go.

so let’s work on letting it go now. let’s work on allowing yourself to be free. let’s work on healing. let’s work on growing anymore. let’s do that.

i still want to continue to say like “i see you. i see everything you’re doing. i feel you. i feel your energy bubbling and growing.”

i see your rays shining from you. so just keep at it. keep doing everything that you can. you’re unlocking so many things. you’re in a whole new life. you’re doing so much.

you’re a whole new person. + don’t that feel good to know that you’ve grown to become this person you are today? it feels good for me. so trust that. okay? let it go.

it’s nobody’s fault.

trust me, my baby. it’s okay. it’s okay to be who you are.

shining like a star. okay? don’t make me start dropping bars.

continue to heal. continue to let go. continue to grow. continue to say your affirmations, continue to change your mindset, continue to love and be free. all right? that’s all I got for you tonight. i love you so much.

i love you.

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.every day is vacation

hey beautiful,

so let’s address the heffalump in the room… it’s been a while since i wrote you. my apologies, i have been lowkey incognito on the blog trying to figure out every other aspect of myReflexxion + so far, it’s been going pretty good. everything is falling into place as it should. with that being said, we are back here + even better. everything is changing as we grow + that’s a beautiful thing. i’m so glad we’re evolving.

speaking of evolving… i channeled some messages regarding this week that’s coming up + i would love to talk about it with you.
let’s start with the normal:

the messages of the week

“i trust the process of life. there is a rhythm + flow to life + i am a part of it. life supports me + brings to me only good + positive experiences. i trust the process of life to bring me to my highest good.”

the past few weeks we’ve seen such a huge change in our reality. literally our whole life is changing + we’re seeing how magical we are. as we continue to trust everything that the universe is putting together for us we will continue to grow. we will make all the progress necessary in our life to get all that we have been asking for. but we must remember to take our time. we must be patient with the process + not try to rush things to come into fruition. we don’t want a rushed result so we have to find patience so we’re able to put our all into this project we’re working on. rome was not built in a day.

we have to let this thing run it’s course completely before trying to move forward because if we keep trying to move before things are ready we’re only setting ourselves back more + more. we might as well wait until we’re at 100% battery life before we go out for a day of fun so we can enjoy it to the max. relax, everything is on the way my baby.

“divine wisdom guides me. i am guided throughout this day in making the right choices. divine intelligence continuously guides me in the realization of my goals. i am safe.”

it’s time that we stop playing hide + seek with the world but most importantly with ourselves. it’s okay to be who we are in the world. we can show up as ourselves authentically + not have any worries about anything. we were born to be us and with that came a built in gps to help navigate through life. so trust your intuition, trust in yourself + let yourself be. we are always being led in the direction that we are meant to go. we are the north star, so believe in that and tune in. we chose this lifestyle + it chose us right back, we’re literally the perfect match.

this is everything you’ve ever wanted. can’t you see that?

the energy of the week

relaxxxxxx. take your time with where you’re going. you don’t have to rush anything that is going on. this is really just a reiteration of the first message of the week so, we really need to pay attention here. ease off your own back. you’ve been breathing down it trying to make sure you get things done all the time. you are doing just fine. you are doing more than enough actually. you’ve been accomplishing so many things, growing so much + learning every single day. you are more than good. can’t you see that? it’s time to give yourself a break… you deserve it.

we can have fun in this life. we’re supposed to. what’s the point of working ourselves so hard if we never get to enjoy everything we’ve been working on?

another thing that this week is bringing is the energy of quietness. it can be so quiet in the world but so loud in our head + we need to continue to work on this. let’s work on grounding ourselves this week because we’re going to need it for the things that are coming up in this life. let’s find some time to meditate every day this week to make sure we are grounded throughout these days. getting out of our head + not talking to ourselves so much is going to get us far. the time to really get this off of your plate is now, so let’s geterdone. some times we need to float with life and see where it carries us. we’ve been swimming for a good minute now, it’s time to chill out for a lil bit.

the focus of the week

focus on existing. yes, we got the same message in three different ways. so you know this is screaming at us to get to where we need to go. we have to enjoy where we are right now. yes, we’re prepping hard for our future and we’re healing from our past but what about today? what about being present? what about who we are right now? who you are right now is way more important than who we were + who we are becoming combined. yes, it’s good to look back + it’s even good to look forward but i need you to appreciate where you are right now. you are enough. you are enough. you are enough.

every day for the next few weeks take some time to reflect on everything that you’ve been doing. every dream, every breakthrough you had + every accomplishment. it will allow you to see your growth and ground you even more.

this week is going to be great if we choose to enjoy it to the fullest. everything is coming into fruition okay? trust it. this right here is your dream life.

i love you.

i made a lockscreen for iPhones so you can be reminded of the messages for this week. if you want me to make one for android… just let me know + i’ll be happy to do so.

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.i love my life

i love my life.

i love my life.

i love my life.

that’s what you need to tell yourself throughout each + every day. you have to know that you’re walking in love every single moment. when you love life, life starts to love you back and that’s the best life to live. a life full of love, happiness + abundance. the life that you’re already living. if you tilt your head a little bit, and maybe even squint, you’ll see it crystal clear.

remember when the trend “i h*** my life” was going around? did you participate in saying that? it was a trick, you were bamboozled into casting a not so wonderful spell upon your life. saying those words created the reality that you were living in + of course manifested a plethora of things that caused you to h*** your life. but now we can change those words. we can start casting a different spell to work some new magic. i mean, it’s spooky season, we really need to tap into our inner witch + wizard.

think of all the spells you cast on a regular with all the things you say every day. you can now choose to change these ways. you can change the direction of where you’re going with a simple pivot of your foot, one easy flick of a light switch. + you can do it right now. you have been choosing everything that has been happening in your life. just take a peep at trying something new, if you don’t then you can go back to the way things were. but you’ll never know unless you try.

also, the people that are currently in your life… don’t lose them. the relationships you have been building are all meaningful and they will continue to grow. just like the spells you’ve been casting, you’ve been choosing to be distant and not maintain relationships with people but it’s time to change. now, you can learn some new skills and keep them alive. the love that you’ve been giving yourself has gotten to level where you can stat pouring into others and not be burnt out. this feels good, you know it does.

keep doing everything that you’re doing, you’re on the right track.

i love you.

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.body ody ody

hey boo,

have you been ignoring your body lately? when you go throughout your days you have to keep in mind that you are a multidimensional being. you are more than your thoughts, body + emotions. you are all of those things and then some. sometimes your body will speak to you by causing pain or dis-ease, all you have to do is tune in and you can easily figure out when something isn’t right + what that something is.

we have come to a time where we’ve been trained to quickly turn to doctors to figure out what is going on with our bodies + medicine to get rid of the symptoms. with that being the norm, it’s not a surprise that most of us are disconnected with the very vessels that we were given to go through this life with. it’s not too late to really get to know + understand your body.

with the constant comparison of everyone on social media, tv + magazines we can forget that we’re all unique. so, what works for the next 2,000 people may not work for you + that is okay. that’s completely normal. we have to get back in tune with our true selves + figure out what works best for us.

start paying attention to your body especially when the same things occur at different times. you may find that there is a clear pattern to it all. you just have to take note of everything that’s going on + when these things come up. your body is really your temple, if you don’t take care of it, it is more than capable of crumbling.

i love you.

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.no more bubble wrap

hey boo,

have you been feeling trapped lately? today is the perfect time to look deeper into what exactly has you feeling like this. you have to start believing you are safe exactly who, where, how, what + why you are. the life that you used to live pleasing others is behind you so it’s time to fully step into the role of you. there is no one who can do you better than you. there’s also no one who can tell you how to live your life because it completely belongs to you.

if there’s something you’ve been dreaming of or wanting to do but you haven’t because of how other people may feel about it or look at you, this is your sign to go for it. no matter if it’s not tradition, it’s something that’s never been done before or whatever the case maybe… you should go for it. you can no longer be afraid to live your dream life because how the masses believe life should be lived. it’s your turn now + if you want to take a different route, you have every right to.

when you go for this thing, you have to make sure you’re going for it with minimum fear. these voices from outside of you may have convinced you that what you have planned may not work, but you have to silence these thoughts + chant words of confidence + reassurance to yourself. it may take some time to gain your full confidence but it’s best to start on your projects and build it as you go instead of waiting to start working when it’s fully built.. cause in that case, you’ll be waiting forever.

you got this. whatever it is that you want to do, know that you can do it. know that this is part of your journey + this is what you were meant to do. start unraveling all those protective + limiting layers that the world has been wrapping you up in. you’ve arrived at your destination, you no longer need the bubble wrap that has been “protecting” you from life.

i love you .

.buckle up

hey boo,

everything you’re experiencing right now is taking you to greater places. all the pain you’re feeling, all the joy, all the change… everything is created + crafted especially for you. i know, i know it’s all unfamiliar. it’s all strange looking + different but that’s a good thing. that means you’re changing + growing. if you were still doing the familiar routine, living the same life that would mean you were in the same place you were however long ago.

you have got to trust this process + know that life is not sending you on a rat race. you are in control now. you have set your destination + you know where you want to go, you just have to get there. think about when you’re going somewhere new + you enter the address into the gps. do you second guess the gps every time it tells you to go in a new direction? or do you just move forward + know that you’re going to get there because you told it where you want to go?

it’s the same thing with this journey in life that you’re on. you may not have had a concrete destination before so you were getting sent wherever the wind blew you. but now, things are different. now you have an exact location in mind so you can’t be steered wrong. have trust in the universe + have trust in yourself because you’re a team.

+ you picked the right teammate because you’re already winning.

i love you.

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.friendly reminder

hey beautiful,

you’re doing so amazing. literally everything you’re doing right now is amazing. look at how far you’ve made it in life. look at all the challenges you’ve completed + the obstacles you overcame. you reading this right now if proof that you can overcome anything because you literally did. you’re the one who has got you to where you are right now. of course, you may have had some help along the way in some shape or form but ultimately, it was you.

nobody can say they carried you through life and that’s a fact. the only person with the ability of honestly saying that is you. you’re the only one who can claim that role. never forget that. never forget how powerful you truly are.

remember these words: you are the one. you are the one who gets to pick + choose where you’re going in life, ya know? you’re the one calling the shots, you’re the one writing the script, + you’re the one playing the part. it’s all you love, don’t forget that.

grab a hold of yourself + really notice what’s going on. now is not the time to start slipping. i’m saying this from the bottom of my heart. we need you right now. we need you more than ever. we need you to focus on this because it’s real. it’s realer than you ever thought it was. wake up. you have to get out of your head + come play this game. the bench is warmer than it ever needed to be.

i’m sure you know all the potential life has since you’ve been watching from a far for so long. at this point you should know all the right moves to make. you just have to trust that you can pull it off. cause you CAN pull it off. you’ve went over it a million times in your head, now let’s do it. atleast try it out.

take some deep breaths and get back in touch.

i love you.

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.ras up

grand RAsing beautiful,

today is a day of abundance. life has been opening up to you because you have chosen to trust it today it will continue to do so. carry an attitude of appreciation + wealth with you today + watch how beautifully it unfolds.

you deserve everything coming your way. you’ve been working so hard to create the life of your dreams + it’s all coming together. all the things you’ve been putting in, you’re getting back ten fold. today is a gift made especially for you.

continue all the hard work. continue to love + trust life. continue being you.

i love you.

current mood

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.jump right in

hey beautiful,

you made it through another week, another 7 days, another 168 hours + although it was a little much in the end you reached peace. the peace that you’ve been looking for, you finally found it. you just had to get through the noise in your head that was having too much fun being loud + wrong. i love that for you.

have you realized that this is literally your dream life? this very moment right here, every single moment that you are living right now is your dream life. look at it, if you haven’t notice this, look at what you’ve been doing. look at all the things in your life that’s happened recently + really analyze it. it all has some role in the movie that you’re starring in. this is what you’ve been asking for, this is the script you’ve been working so hard on.

i just wanna give you a shoutout because you KEEP having breakthroughs and leveling up. you are the truest version of yourself that you’ve ever been. round of applause

i love that for you too.

also, i’m super happy that you’re continuously working on trusting the process. with each day, you lean in a bit more + give away a piece of control. keep that up, keep making progress, keep doing what you’re doing, you’re doing amazing. there’s no other pace that you have to go at but your own, this life is a life of comfort.

you’re really here right now, living your dream life….

go ahead… you can smile, you can get up + dance, you can even scream with joy. let it OUT! let that happiness out, the universe loves knowing that it’s making you happy. keep giving + keep getting. it’s literally like the 3….2….1…. blast off type of situation. we’ve taken off in a rocket speeding into space and we’re about to explore the entire galaxy.

trust me, we’re farrrrrr away from houston. so, no worries there.

okay sooo… i hope you’re buckled up buckaroo cause this week is about to be a ride. hold on to your hat.

the message

“the best way to learn how to swim, is to jump right in”.

you’ve tested the waters, you know it’s the perfect temperature + you’re going to be safe in there so get in. it’s been fun putting your feet in + trying to not get your hair wet or whatever, but let’s do something different. what are you afraid of? having fun? do you hear how ridiculous that is?

it’s time for the final call on the things that can’t go with you to your new life. the box of things labeled “maybe” is the last thing you need to get through before you’re clear to move. word of advice: if you’ve been contemplating this long… it’s probably something that’s not good for you but you enjoy it. things like that aren’t welcome in the new land, they’re actually banned. so, i’d go ahead + get rid of it if i were you.

the energy

focus on your community. seriously, when you rememerge from your shell that you’re in right now COME ON OUT. come outsideeeeee. don’t be shy or afraid of anything that is here for you in this world because remember, everything that is on the way to you is for your greater good. everything that is coming is helping you grow. it’s all happening for you, not to you.

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but back to the community…

reach out to your people. you need to connect with the people around you. this is one of the things that you have to decide to throw away because it’s hindering you. and although, you’re safe in your head because other people can’t reject you, that fear has to go. you can’t hold onto that fear anymore. it isn’t serving you, it’s holding you back + i promise you, the greatest things in your life is on the flip side of this.

the challenge

face yourself. face your fears, figure them out + assign them new roles. you are the ceo of all this stuff going on inside of you. for sure, sometimes you can’t help what you feel about some things but you can definitely control how these feelings affect you. when you face yourself, you’ll be looking from a different view so you’ll be able to see things you’ve never seen before. you may even look like somebody off the street, but keep looking, it’ll start looking real familiar.

when you look within yourself and see things in a different light, it will automatically be reflected in your outer sight. meaning, your reality will also continue to be redecorated. note: when you’re getting new furniture and moving things around,have some type of visual in mind. even if that’s the combination of four different house styles, 7 different colors + a different era in every room. you can do that, you can do anything what you want but you need a plan. not a plan in your head, not some idea that’s having fun sitting at imagination station, but a plan that you write/draw out, a plan that you revisit every day, a plan that you work on all. thee. time. if someone who didn’t live inside your head all day came and read this plan of yours they should be able to see it exactly how you imagine.

trust me, this works, try it out.

the word

large in quantity; abundant.

that’s what this week will be(period)

well, that’s all i got. i’m 100% sure, that’s not all you have in store but no need to ruin the surprise, we’re going to be right there when it unfolds + that’s the fun part.

i love you

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.shake a leg

hey beautiful,

the jig is up. no more charades, mediocre magic tricks, or cliffhangers. no more pretending you are someone you’re not. you can no longer try to function this way + i’m glad you realize that now. it’s time to take your talents that have created your current reality + give them a new task. the task of…

✨creating your dream life✨

lowkey, they already started working on it on the side but, with it being the main focus, there is so much more that can get done. when you’re able to give something your undivided attention, the execution is bound to be pristine. minimize the multitasking + things will get done more efficiently. i need you to realize how big of a mural you’re painting. yes, you’re working on a small portion of it right now but you have to zoom out occasionally so you can remember what the bigger picture looks like.

remember, it’s more than okay to rest. you’re going to have to be well rested to produce the life of quality that you are producing. chilling is not a crime, taking time to yourself does not make you lazy + you can sleep in sometimes. don’t beat yourself up for taking care of you and making sure you’re okay. if you ever feel like you need a “break” from life, you definitely need to rest. a break implies that something has to be broken and life is full of moments that should be enjoyed + cherished.

create the reality you never need a break from.

they literally fooled a lot of us. i’m thinking of all the negative sayings that we used to casually say about our lives. we should never want to escape from reality because reality should be bliss. you should be able to be in any given moment + want to be nowhere else in the world than exactly where you are. every second of every day should be a blast of fun and love.

this is your dream life. right here, right now. each + every moment of your life is leading you in the direction of where you want to go. you’re the magician + it’s time to learn how to really put on a show. you might wanna learn fast because it already started and you’re the only act there is.

shake a leg.

i love you

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