.2022… all brand new

hey beautiful,

soooo, it is 2022 (: + i’m definitely excited to find out what kind of energy it’s bringing + see what’s going on for this year. i feel like stepping into this new year with the gratitude for all the things we got to accomplish, see, do, + how far we’ve came is really going to set the mood + the intentions of walking into 2022 beautifully.

i feel like this year is going to be wonderful, it’s going to be great. there’s going to be so much love + abundance. all of these fruits, accolades, presents + deliveries that we’ve been speaking of on the podcast lately. i feel like all of that is right here. like boom, here ya go. as long as you continue to be open to it, be thankful + present in the moment that you have right now, there’s nothing that can come of 2022 that is crazy. since we’ve been creating our reality all this year, we realized how much control we had over it. since we’ve been working on ourselves + the things we’ve wanted to come into our lives, for a whole consistent year it has no choice but to pay off. it has no choice but to be this amazing thing that you’ve built because you’ve been working on it all this time.

it’s like ding dong, your order is finally complete. you’ve finished everything that you’ve been working on, you made it, here’s the final product. you’ve had this vision of everything coming together + you’ve been imagining it + feeling it internally because you weren’t quite there in the external. but you felt it + you’re thankful for what you do have now so you’re not going to have to imagine anymore. it’s going to be right here when you open your eyes… look, there it is. everything you’ve been asking for… look, there it is. everything that you’ve been desiring… look there it is. everything that you’ve been dreaming of, manifesting, feeling of, everything you’ve been creating… look, there it is. it’s right here, you finally made it.

it’s been waiting for you. you took all the right paths + you pushed forward through all the challenges + obstacles + now you’ve made it. you made it to where you are now, you made it to the person you are now… here’s your masterpiece.

that’s just such a beautiful thing to know that you created this. you single-handedly annihilated you know, every rap b- in the building like… nah fr.

you did that. + at some point, i’m flabbergasted… like, no words.

have you actually acknowledged everything that you’ve done? how far you’ve came? acknowledged yourself for getting through those days that you didn’t know how you were going to get through? breaking those chains + shackles that you didn’t even know you had on yourself. facing yourself, being comfortable with yourself, accepting yourself, living your dreams, working hard on the things that you desire, not giving up on yourself, believing in you. all of that, you did. nobody else did it but you. yes, you might have had some help along the way but ultimately every decision that you made this year that brought you to where you are right now, was yours. so give it up for yourself.

you gotta start giving yourself credit where credit is due my baby. someone can give you credit, but if you don’t accept it + realize yourself that you are this amazing it doesn’t matter what anybody else says. YOU DID THAT. 2021, that was you. every day, every 365, 24/7, that was you. the entire year was you + we just love that. we love to see it. we love to hear it. we love to believe it. we love to know that. so we already did a review of 2021 so let’s just get into this year… 2022.

what are you bringing us?

i’ve been receiving downloads over the last couple of days. the first one that i got was “rest”. 2022 is the year of rest. + like i was saying, 2021, we worked so hard, hustled, lost sleep, burnt ourselves out + we’re not doing that anymore. yeah, you had to work hard to kick start it. you had to show yourself how dedicated you were. you had to put in that work to get to where you are today. you had to make up for lost time. you had to do all of that + it’s done my baby. + the card that came out was “i release all fear + doubt”. you have to release the fear that you have to work all the time, that you have to constantly be in production mode to be successful + get to where you want to go, that you have to be in drive, in sports mode, fourth gear, revving it up. you don’t have to do all that to get to where you’re going my baby.

you need to enjoy the journey. take your time, everything does not have to be done immediately. so release that. release that need to be on go because you do not have to be on go to be successful. not 24/7 you don’t. you need to take care of yourself. you need time to just chill, you need time to enjoy yourself, everything you’re working for + your life. you need time to relax, reset + recoup. this year of 2022 is rest.

“i now choose to free myself from all destructive fears + doubts. i accept myself + create peace in my mind + heart. i am love + i am safe”. first of all, this card has never even came out before which is good because that means we’re moving forward, we got new lessons to focus on + learn. but basically, free yourself from all destructive fears + doubts. know that you are safe here, know that you don’t have to be on go, know that you can just chill, relax, create + live the life that you desire. all the chaos + fear that was instilled in you… + i feel that’s another thing we did in 2021. we worked on fear. because at first… fear was MONGERING i ainnlyin. but now we’re cool with fear. there may still be some things that we’re a little iffy about but most of the time we can kick it with fear. we can let fear let us know when something should be questionable but we don’t let it rule us. we are in control here.

this year, baybeeeeee… everything is great. this year we are past those limitations because we worked on them. we dug it all up, we scraped it up, we unscrewed some screws, unnailed some nails + now it’s time to dump it out. we’ve done the scrubbing + the heavy lifting + now it’s time to dispose of some things. now it’s time to move forward + leave any unneccesary fear behind. i’m reading this book now “Conquering Fear” by Harold Kushner + he was saying how you shouldn’t eliminate all fear completely. we should be able to work with fear + let is help us in life + i completely agree with that.

“i now create a wonderful, new job. i am totally open + receptive of a wonderful new position using my creative talents + abiilites. working with + for people i love in a wonderful location + earning good money”

this dream you’ve been curating, this things you’ve been working so hard for all 2021. this passion. this life you’ve been creating. this job, this career, this way of bringing you massive amounts of income, it’s coming in. it’s like you’ve been pulling this string that got the money bags on the end for a while now. and this string is getting closer + closer to you so keep pulling. the end is closer to you than you think + when i tell you when you get to the end you’re gonna see why you’ve been pulling so hard + so long + it’s been so rough + so tough. you’re going to be happpyyyyyy. you already know it’s there cause you wouldn’t have been working this hard towards something if you didn’t believe it was there. now, you just need to be open to receive it. don’t even worry about it. remember we said it’s time to rest. it’s time to just chill + receive everything you’ve been working for.

i’m talking BIG COINS. i’m talking bout PENTACLES. i’m talking about CHECKS, i’m talking about DEPOSITS. i’m talking about ching ching ching goes the money tree + every time it chings money comes to me. i’m talking about big checks. i’m talking about commas, zeros. i’m talking about first name basis at the bank. i’m talking about success. + not just financially, you’re happy. you’re creating your dreams that’s helping people all over the world, that’s helping you. that’s allowing you the freedom to just be. that’s helping you exist + grow + sharing your gifts with the world + doing what you were sent here to do + being able to live abundantly + discover + experience life. simply because you’re doing what you love. simply because you get paid to do what you love. simply because you’re open to this. it’s not just about the finances. the money good… the money gone always be good. but you’re in love with your job. the thing that you do that’s making you money… you love it. + how could you not? you’ve been working on this for so long.

what a message we need to hear stepping into 2022?

“i love my body. i create peacefulness in my mind + my body reflects this peacefulness as perfect health.” this is just telling me continue to connect with your body. this past year, we opened up the connection with our bodies + started being present in every moment. we started the connection of our mind, body + soul + as long as you continue to build this you’re going to be so sturdy + stable yet beautiful + delicate at the same time.

really step into this year with the intentions of being present. because guess what? if you’re present you’re going to attract more presents. step into this year with your whole self. that was a message from a few days ago… bring your whole self, love your whole self, carry your whole self with you. mindfulness… be aware of your self. + that’s another thing we worked on. now that you have that awareness you can use it, continue to strengthen it as well. definitely practice connecting yourself with yourself. if you do that it’s going to be a whole new world… i’m talking about ariel the mermaid.

(lmfao, me realizing this was not ariel, but jasmine)

there’s so much coming this year. it just feels so abundant. there’s so many opportunities.

“i listen to my body’s messages. my body is always working towards optimum health. my body wants to be whole + healthy. i cooperate + become healthy, whole + complete.”

i feel like you need to pay attention to any aches, pains, your cycle. definetely pay attention to your cycle. get in tune with your cycle… get in tune with your cycle… GET IN TUNE WITH YOUR CYCLE. if you have not done any further research than what they taught you in school… it is now the time. there’s so much you have to learn + not just from a medical standpoint but a spiritual. really get in tune with your feminine power. really learn yourself. pay attention to your body, act on things when they’re happening. don’t just let things bother you + you don’t do anything about them. you have to act on them.

another card that came up was “i am safe in the universe. all life loves + supports me.”

continue to realize that you’re safe here + everything is always working out for you. you can be yourself, you can follow your dreams. you can be whoever you want to be + do whatever you want to do. you’re safe to do that. you’re safe to be the person you were sent here to be. you don’t have to try to mold yourself… it’s alright to be you. it’s more than okay. allow yourself to be you. now that you’ve found you.. don’t lose you, don’t hold back on you… just be you. mmmmkay?

what do we need to focus on when it comes to our relationships + friendships?

i feel like 2022 there is going to be a connection or re-connection that’s going to be super good for you. it’s kind of life a connection that was planted. a relationship that you needed to be started back in the past but it didn’t work out. but this connection needed to happen back then so you could get to the point where you’re at now. it probably didn’t go well in the past but now that you’ve grown separately the timing is a little perfect. a relationship that “failed” in the past will come to the light + the re-connection will be necessary. even some of the relationships you have right now will be put in a different light.

any new friendships/relationships?

i feel like you will make a lot of new connections this year. i also feel like everyone who tries to make their way in the present from your past should not make the cut. use that fear that we were talking about to determine who you should reconnect with + who you shouldn’t. cause there’s gonna be some people who tries to slide their way back in your life because they see how good you’re doing…. you will know who is for you + who is not so don’t be blinded. we are doing everything with intentions. if you are doing something, talking to somebody, entertaining somebody, ask yourself “why am i doing this? why am i talking to this person? why is this person in my life? what are they bringing to the table? what am i bringing to their table? what are my intentions? is this what i need right now? how do i feel about this?” all year… ask yourself these questions to help you navigate through some things.

pay attention to people + their actions. you’ve gotten out of your head so try to stay there. see how people move + be present. watch how far this gets you!

what is the most important message we need to carry with us?

partnerships. partnerships. partnerships.

remember how i was saying being a lone wolf + finally coming out of the shell that you’ve been in. even though this period of alone time was necessary for you to become the person you are today, its’ time to come out of that. it’s time to really connect with your people + really be present. you have to be you. you have to connect. you have to allow these people into your life. you have to plug yourself back in. we were unplugged for a while but now we gotta get back. there’s much more joy when you’re playing with your friends. it’s better to have teammates in this game of life. you don’t have to do this alone. so plug back in, reconnect + let’s get it. that ‘s the most important message of this year so remember that as you go along.

what do we need to leave behind in 2022?

basically the opposite of what i just said. this trait of keeping yourself to yourself so much. not sharing your talents, your world, + not fully allowing the world to partake in who you are. stop doing that. we learned about that + we saw how great i was to open the door a little bit. so let’s open it fully. you can’t keep yourself inside no more… it’s boring. it’s getting boring. tomato, tomato, i’m throwing tomatoes.

“i deserve the best + accept the best now. i am mentally + emotionally equipped to enjoy a prosperous + loving life. it is my birthright to deserve all good. i claim my good.”

you have to know that you are good where you are. you are safe. you are great. you are happy. you are the best version of yourself. you can be who you want to be.

“i am beautiful + everybody loves me. i radiate acceptance + i am deeply loved by others. love surrounds me + protects me.”

“i am totally adequate for all situations” you don’t have to hide yourself. stop doubting yourself. do you really fully believe in your powers + who you are + who you were sent here to be? when someone asks you who are you do you slump down or boost ya chest out + tell them who you are? i need you to be confident in yourself, know who you are, + put yourself out there. no matter how nobody else is going to look at you, see you, or question what you do. don’t worry about none of that. i need you to put yourself out there + know that who it’s meant for you to stick to… you will stick to + if you don’t, you don’t.

you’re not meant for everybody so stop trying to please everybody. stop trying to be accepted by everybody. that’s not your job. you’re putting pressure on yourself when you’re constantly trying to be accepted by everyone. who cares? we learned that this year + who is meant for us will come to us, anybody else can take the bus. yaknowaimsaying? + i just want you to know that.

you good. you’re so good. you are amazing. so leave that where that’s at.

anything else we need to leave behind?

self-sabotage. acting like you don’t really see what’s going on because you do. stop pretending like you didn’t see something or hear something. actually it will be beneficial to tune in a little bit more when it comes to hearing things. like turn down the voices in your head so you can hear what’s going on around you. we learned a lot about being in the present moment + allowing ourselves to be where we’re at, right here right now. it’s been a lot of that + now we can take all these things we learned + we can start to master this skill. we’ve done the studying, we’ve done the note-taking and now we can apply with full pressure. we’re passing this test.

what’s the theme of 2022?

truth. knowing that this is your truth. believing in everything that you desire + making it happen. just seeing what it really is + what it ain’t. because now that you control over your mind + your reality + your world, you can see what it is. you’re not being fed lies. everything is sweet. you’re here. everything is true this year. you’re true to yourself. you’ve kind of destroyed all these false narratives + buildings that were taking up space in your world that were placed there. you’ve destroyed them + now it’s time to start building what you want to be there. they tried to come on your block + tell you what’s going where, what color it’s going to be + what’s allowed + what’s not… no baybee.

like they gonna come on your block + tell you what to do? + you’ve been allowing it because they’ve been on your block since you were born, but no. it’s time to claim your block back. it’s time to see this is how you really live. you have to show them how to live a life, don’t let them instruct you anymore. this your world love.

let’s get it. 2022 is here + in full effect. ❤ you got this. this year is going to be beautiful. congratulations to you for making it through another 365.

i love you.

@womensmagick on ig

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.abundance + harmony

hey boo,

take some time today to breathe. get back to the centering point so you’re able to be the most present version of yourself. you are becoming more grounded in your every day life as you continue to strengthen this new found muscle. keep practicing and doing the best you can to escape the fun prison that is your head. when you find yourself being lifted away from reality, put your foot down +pull yourself back in. you have the ability to do so, you just have to really want to discover it. you can make any + everything happen if you simply choose to.

finding the balance between your mind, body, + soul is one of the keys to living life to its full potential. mediation, journaling, and deep breathing is going to help you get there. keep up the work that you’ve been doing, it will all pay off simply because it has no choice. you have to think, you’re the only person you know who’s doing what you’re doing so it’s going to take some time to pull it off. You don’t have any guidance or role model in what you’re doing so know you’re doing your best + that’s more than enough.

another thing I want to tell you is to keep recognizing all of the abundance you really have in your life. as you travel on this journey, it will continue to build up + overflow. pretty soon, you’ll be swimming in it. imagine that, a pool of abundance right in your backyard. no lifeguard, you’re an excellent swimmer + the weather is always perfect. that’s your life in just a few moments, you just have to believe it . you’re almost there.

i love you

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.body ody ody

hey boo,

have you been ignoring your body lately? when you go throughout your days you have to keep in mind that you are a multidimensional being. you are more than your thoughts, body + emotions. you are all of those things and then some. sometimes your body will speak to you by causing pain or dis-ease, all you have to do is tune in and you can easily figure out when something isn’t right + what that something is.

we have come to a time where we’ve been trained to quickly turn to doctors to figure out what is going on with our bodies + medicine to get rid of the symptoms. with that being the norm, it’s not a surprise that most of us are disconnected with the very vessels that we were given to go through this life with. it’s not too late to really get to know + understand your body.

with the constant comparison of everyone on social media, tv + magazines we can forget that we’re all unique. so, what works for the next 2,000 people may not work for you + that is okay. that’s completely normal. we have to get back in tune with our true selves + figure out what works best for us.

start paying attention to your body especially when the same things occur at different times. you may find that there is a clear pattern to it all. you just have to take note of everything that’s going on + when these things come up. your body is really your temple, if you don’t take care of it, it is more than capable of crumbling.

i love you.

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.shake a leg

hey beautiful,

the jig is up. no more charades, mediocre magic tricks, or cliffhangers. no more pretending you are someone you’re not. you can no longer try to function this way + i’m glad you realize that now. it’s time to take your talents that have created your current reality + give them a new task. the task of…

✨creating your dream life✨

lowkey, they already started working on it on the side but, with it being the main focus, there is so much more that can get done. when you’re able to give something your undivided attention, the execution is bound to be pristine. minimize the multitasking + things will get done more efficiently. i need you to realize how big of a mural you’re painting. yes, you’re working on a small portion of it right now but you have to zoom out occasionally so you can remember what the bigger picture looks like.

remember, it’s more than okay to rest. you’re going to have to be well rested to produce the life of quality that you are producing. chilling is not a crime, taking time to yourself does not make you lazy + you can sleep in sometimes. don’t beat yourself up for taking care of you and making sure you’re okay. if you ever feel like you need a “break” from life, you definitely need to rest. a break implies that something has to be broken and life is full of moments that should be enjoyed + cherished.

create the reality you never need a break from.

they literally fooled a lot of us. i’m thinking of all the negative sayings that we used to casually say about our lives. we should never want to escape from reality because reality should be bliss. you should be able to be in any given moment + want to be nowhere else in the world than exactly where you are. every second of every day should be a blast of fun and love.

this is your dream life. right here, right now. each + every moment of your life is leading you in the direction of where you want to go. you’re the magician + it’s time to learn how to really put on a show. you might wanna learn fast because it already started and you’re the only act there is.

shake a leg.

i love you

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.full harvest moon 2021 energy reading

hey beautiful,

the september full moon is just a few days away and i can already feel the good energy in the air. when i was doing some research on the history of the harvest moon i figured out a few things. this moon was the very moon that would tell the farmers when it was time to start harvesting the corn they were growing. immediately when i think of harvest, i think of abundance. i think of gathering all the fruits of your hard labor and being able to enjoy them.

i also learned this moon would illuminate the fields + give the farmers extra time to get things done. this is perfect for where we’re at in life because we need a little extra time to put in a little work so we can really reap all of the benefits to their maximum capacity. this is the last full moon of the summer + before we know it, it will be the fall.

so, as usual i created a tarot spread + channeled the energy that this full moon is bringing. we can get right into the reading because it got good.

what energy is this full moon bringing?

abundance + balance. make sure you are maintaining the balance that you’ve been working on in life. since you’ve been opening up to the idea of love and being receptive of it, your life has been continuously filling up with it. one of the key things you have to focus on is allowing yourself to depend on self love as your main source of energy. it’s one thing to be comfortable with being in your own company but it is a whole other thing to be in love with your own company. this is something that you’ve been working on consistently so it’s always filling up, you’re going in the right direction.

step into the leadership role because you now meet the requirements to do that. allow yourself to trust your skills + abilities. the self doubt must go out of the window because that is no longer who you are or what you do. nobody has been down your path before + it may be a little challenging but you got this. look at how far you’ve made it already. no guide, no push, no clue.. just you. you’re doing better than you think.

another message that came up was finally finding that feeling that ignites you every day. you will be filled with passion with this full moon + it is best to use it to your advantage. use it to fuel you every day when you wake up, when you create, when you connect with the people around you. this passion will help you with putting in the little overtime so you can get ready to chill out with fall approaching us.

just like the farmers working under the moon, put in a little extra work on everything you’ve been working on. you will be able to harvest the most out of your crops. and speaking of harvesting..

what in our lives needs to be “harvested”

your new self is now available for pick up. you’ve been working on yourself for a lil minute now + the time has come to start with the new. since you’ve been building yourself up, rewiring things + focusing on the changes you want to bring into fruition, you can now use them all. you can now really step into this new version of you + begin to execute from a different standpoint. your new life has been delivered and it’s just waiting for you to open it up.

that passion project you’ve been working on is just about ready to be harvested too. there may be a few last minute things you need to add on but it’s the perfect time to do so. this full moon is giving you that extra time, motivation + space to put in the last minute touches needed for the abundance to overflow. get ready for the overflow because… it is coming regardless.

what can we release?

you have to let go of the fear that’s been holding you back. a part of you is excited for the future + open to everything that life has in store for you but the other part of you is fearful of the unknown. you’re walking blindly through life because you don’t know what’s ahead but you’re also cautious for the same reasons. this is also something that has been a process and i’m so glad you’ve been making progress because the finish line isn’t that far away anymore. you’re closer to trusting the process of life more than you’ve ever been before + that’s saying a lot.

keep going, keep trusting, keep telling yourself that you are safe. every time a negative or uncertain thought comes up just remind yourself that you are safe, you are protected + you are divinely guided. this is a part of that rewiring process and it’s going to take some time so don’t beat yourself up about it. just keep working on it and you will be able to walk completely in faith very soon. no doubts, no hesitation, just knowing that you are good.

how can our crops flourish?

the best way for our crops to flourish is to go into overtime. this is the final stretch before everything is ready to be harvested so make sure you’re present + using every moment to the fullest. focus on the final touches + make sure you do everything that you can to make it cozy. you won’t have to do all this work you’ve been doing once you get all of these things executed the right way.

allow the people around you to support you as well. don’t be so closed off to everyone, open up to them + allow them to come to the abundance party. what fun is an abundance party without the people you love? without the people who care for you + your dreams? once you put these final touches on everything, you’ll be able to celebrate and have your own thanksgiving. know that the universe got you, your people got you + you got you. there’s no way you can’t flourish if you live like this.

what are the best tools to use to harvest everything?

the best tools you have right now is love + community. the love that you receive from the people around you will really help everything bloom. what good is having a flourishing garden of life if you can’t share it with anyone. it’s going to take more than yourself to be able to harvest all of the abundance that is there. if you try to do this alone, you will overwork yourself + quickly burn out. but if you have the right people around you, they can help you harvest, feast on the harvest with you, and have fun along the way.

it takes a village to get to where you’re going. there is so much more you can do when you have the help, love + support of other people. don’t get too wrapped up in your own experience… get out a little bit. get out of your head, get out of your own little world + even invite some people into your world. you can’t do everything on your own… no matter how long you’ve been doing it already. you have to try something different so you can get better results.

full moon affirmation

the past is over. this is a new day, one that i have never lived before. i stay in the now + enjoy each + every moment.

well, that’s all the messages that were delivered to me. i hope you’re as excited about this full moon as i am. i can smell the fruits of our labors… they’re just about ripe. let me know what kind of ritual you’re doing for this full moon. and how you plan on harvesting your crops.

i love you so much.

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